group grant terms and conditions

  • Applications for a group grant are open to organisations that operate in or benefit the people living in the areas listed at here.
  • Grants will be awarded up to a maximum of £500.
  • Match funding is not required for projects where the whole cost of the project is £500 or under.
  • If an organisation is successful in achieving a grant, they will not be able to submit a new application until the next financial year. Financial years run from 1 April to 31 March.
  • If an application has been unsuccessful, organisations may resubmit the original project for consideration if the project has altered significantly; or provide a
    new application for a new venture.
  • Organisations applying for a group grant must have an up-to-date constitution and their own bank account, with at least two unrelated signatories. Proof of bank details and a copy of the constitution will need to be provided if applicable.
  • Applications will be considered to assist activities that will be of benefit to the community, and where projects could not progress without financial assistance.
  • group grant will be used for the purpose approved by County Durham Housing Group and no changes can be made to the project/proposal without our agreement.
  • If any part of the grant is no longer required for its agreed purpose, it must be refunded to County Durham Housing Group.
  • To be eligible, organisations should be either a local school or non-profit making, voluntary group, where membership is open with no discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion, occupation or opinion.
  • Applications for retrospective funding will not be considered.
  • Grants may be used to complement other funding sources; for example, National Lottery funding, the Prince’s Trust and/or local sponsorship.
  • group grant will not to be used to enable fundraising for a secondary body.
  • Projects must demonstrate appropriate child protection and adult safeguarding policies are in place as well as health and safety arrangements.
  • County Durham Housing Group will use any application information provided during the lifetime of any funding for administration, analysis and research purposes. Confidentiality of vulnerable groups will be maintained and their details will not be made public in any way, except as required by law. The management of all personal information will meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • From time to time County Durham Housing Group may need to make additional terms and conditions to an individual grant to take account of particular circumstances. These will be included in the group grant offer letter. Any additional terms and conditions will be agreed by both County Durham Housing Group and the applicant before the grant is awarded.
  • The project or purchase of goods following a successful grant application must be made within three months, or if it is delayed, the organisation must write to County Durham Housing Group to request an extension.
  • group grant terms and conditions and the group grant agreement will be enforced for one year from the award being made. If an extension is requested, the period of the project will also cover the awarded extension period.
  • Organisations must provide a report on the outcomes and targets the project has achieved. Outcomes are the changes, benefits, learning or other effects that happen as a result of the work carried out as part of your project. An outcome can also be achieving a benefit or also preventing something from happening. If a project is planned to last for more than one year, only details of the outcomes in the first 12 months are required.
  • From time to time you may be contacted by County Durham Housing Group about your organisation, its activities, the number of users and other beneficiaries and such other information we may require.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure all required insurance and permissions are received for any projects awarded.
  • Project quotations must be provided where appropriate, giving as much detail as possible. Once awarded, receipts for goods/services must also be provided to County Durham Housing Group. Receipts must include a company name, goods sold, purchase price, the date, and other pertinent information. It is the grant applicant’s responsibility to make sure the vendor can supply this information.
  • If you have to raise funds from another source to enable your project’s success, you will need to show how you intend to do this. If match funding is not secured we will contact you for further information. If you are successful in applying for a group grant where match funding is essential, County Durham Housing Group will not release any funds until confirmation is received from the alternative funder.
  • Projects do not have to be sustainable to be awarded a group grant. Please advise County Durham Housing Group if your project is likely to continue after the grant ends.
  • Groups with successful grant applications will be required to consent to any publicity and marketing that County Durham Housing Group may require. This may include, but
    is not limited to, press and online activities of both funds being awarded and the outcomes of approved projects. Should you carry out future promotion of the outcomes of your grant application, you must reference County Durham Housing Group (using relevant brand guidelines and logo(s) where required), with approval via the group’s Funding Officer.
  • County Durham Housing Group is a registered Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998. As such, we will take great care of the information you provide. The information you have provided will be used by County Durham Housing Group to process your group grant application. It will not be shared with other organisations. Your information will be kept confidential, unless we are required, by law, to provide this.
  • If a project is turned down for funding the decision is final and there is no appeals process.

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